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What is BioSulfa

Origin of Biosulfur
  • Biosulfur is created through an innovative process of eliminating hydrogen sulfide from a mixed gas stream and transforming it into elemental sulfur through microbial digestion This biological process creates naturally created elemental sulfur with a micronized size as well as hydrophillic-like properties providing both safety and ease of use.

Why Biosulfur
  • Current sulfur products on the market are derived from chemical separation processes, particularly from oil refining that use the Claus process. However, chemically synthesized sulfur can be harmful to both the users and the crops applied to – thus, it can be difficult to handle. Biologically created, biosulfur retains the benefits of sulfur’s fungicidal effects, while being easy to handle and environmentally safe. In addition, the micron sized particles increases the effectiveness upon application.

The Future of Biosulfur
  • Although currently biosulfur is only being used for agricultural uses in fertilizers and pesticides, it can be expected to also be appllied to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hot spring, large removal, even animal feed.